Vararam Air Grabber Intake - Ram 1500 '09-18

by Vararam
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A True full size Hemi air-filter, Custom made to Vararam specs by Green high performance filters. Pre-oiled and ready to go out of the box. Washable and reusable Limited lifetime warranty.

Part #: VR-4G-HEMI

• A forced induction system that is intercooled on the top and underbelly of the system. Protected underneath by a heat blanket. The blanket is fed cool air from the ram air system. This sandwitches cool air between the underbelly of the airbox and the blanket.

• Gains of 30HP and 30+FTlbs of Torque with NO tuning.

• Real world performance gains like ½ second or more off your 0-60mph time and .3-.4 off the ¼ mile and + 3-4mph! Try getting these types of gains with just a cold air intake, not a chance!

• Can be installed in about 10-20 min.

• Fits all 4th Generation Hemi 5.7 Ram trucks 2009-2017

• Creates a look that screams pure MOPAR muscle.

• Lid options include- black textured, block smooth (for custom painting) or Hemi Orange

• The system uses the OEM hood, R/T and or aftermarket hoods are not required. The system draws air from the high pressure zone between the upper core support and the underside of the hood.

• No falling rain water issues like the other low inlet systems. The 4G features a high mount location and water drains to ensure that water, even water over 2 feet deep and mud will not be a problem.

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