Milodon High-Flow 160° Thermostat - All Chrysler Models

by Milodon

Part #: MLD 16405

To assist the proper functioning of a high-performance cooling system, these Milodon thermostats are designed to warm an engine to a suitable operating temperature in order to avoid the engine running so hot that it loses power. A balanced sleeve design enables the thermostats to equal the pressure exerted on them, which allows operation to be regulated solely by coolant temperature. They are recommended for use with a high-volume water pump (with other thermostats, a high-volume water pump's increased flow can actually try to keep the thermostat closed). 

  • Gaskets Included                                   No
  • Flow Rating                                             High-flow
  • Opening Temperature Rating          160 degrees
  • Quantity                                                    Sold individually
  • Thermostat Material                             Stainless steel
  • Manufacturer's Part Number:            6405


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