Hedman Uncoated Shorty Headers - 1500/Durango V8-4.7L '00-07

by Hedman

Product #: 79570

For the price, no other part can give you the horsepower and fuel economy improvements of Hedman headers. They make Hedman Street headers so well that they guarantee them to be free from defects--including cracks in the tubes and welds--for the life of the headers. Hedman Street headers are available in black painted or their polished HTC thermal ceramic coated finishes and, as an added bonus, they also come with all necessary gaskets and mounting hardware. Unless otherwise noted, these headers are designed to fit the vehicle as it came from the manufacturer. This includes components like cylinder heads, chassis, steering, motor mounts, body mounts, and bushings, etc. If your vehicle is using aftermarket components, parts from other applications, or custom-altered parts, then it is the installer's responsibility to verify fitment.

Special warning regarding Hedman painted headers only. The paint on these headers is not designed as a final finish; it is designed to protect the headers after the manufacturing process and during shipping. This paint will not withstand the high heat associated with engine break-in, nor will it withstand the heat cycles associated with any type of driving. It is recommended that this protective coating be stripped, and a high heat paint or coating designed for use on headers be applied.

  • 00-07 Dodge 1/3. 3/4 Ton Truck 4.7L 2-4WD
  • Shorty Headers
  • Temporary non-high temperature paint
  • 1-1/2" Tube Diameter
  • Stock Collector 

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