Hedman HTC Polished Silver Ceramic Shorty Headers - 1500/Durango V8-4.7L '00-07

by Hedman

Product #: 79576

Hedman's HTC Hi-Tech Coated Headers come pre-coated from the factory with a protective ceramic-metallic finish. This coating provides a durable, shiny finish that helps lower under hood temperatures. Hedman Hedders pioneered the automotive application of ceramic-metallic coatings in the early 1980s. Previously exclusive to the aerospace industry, Hedman Hedders recognized the coating's potential to improve both the lifespan and functionality of exhaust headers while adding performance, flow and protection. Made in the USA.

  • 00-07 Dodge 1/3. 3/4 Ton Truck 4.7L 2-4WD
  • Shorty Headers
  • HTC Polished Silver Ceramic-Metallic
  • 1-1/2" Tube Diameter
  • Stock Collector 
  • Coating offers protection up to 1400°.
  • Won't chip, peel, or "blue" like chrome.
  • Superior heat insulation.
  • Increased exhaust velocity for more power.

NOTE: Installing coated headers on an engine during the break-in period will cause discoloration. The use of factory manifolds or an old set of headers is recommended while breaking in an engine. 

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