Gauge Performance Stg 2 Power pak

by Gauge Performance

Here we believe its the accumulation of well picked parts that make and complete a solid setup, so here we introduce our Stage 2 performace pak to get you on the right Path to dropping those Et's ! The stage 2 is the same options as the stage 1 with the addition of a Diablo T2 or i3 option to really get the most out of those parts. with the diablo you have the option to use a Custom Tuner to really bump the power level and responsiveness over the Canned diablo tunes 

Programmer options:

Diablo T2 & unlocked Pcm

Diablo i3 & unlocked Pcm


Your intake Options:


K&N Blackhawk

AFE Force Stg 2


Your Mufflex Options

Muffler Delete

14" Mufflex

18" Mufflex

24" Mufflex

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