COMP Cams XFI 274 VVT 5.7/6.4L HEMI Camshaft


Product #: 201-428-17

Comp Cams XFI (Xtreme Fuel Injection) camshafts feature a wide lobe separation for decreased overlap, yielding a more efficient combustion process. The XFI lobe profiles were designed to work in conjunction with recent valve train technology advancements. When used with Comp Cams beehive valve springs and increased ratio Pro Magnum rocker arms, the result is a faster valve opening and closing, while maintaining complete valve train control. Additionally, the XFI camshafts take advantage of the high velocity EFI-style cylinder head intake ports, intake manifolds and combustion chamber designs. The result: dramatic improvement in performance and durability for today's fuel injected engines.


  • Newest and quickest lobe profiles in the Xtreme family; provide a terrific increase in performance
  • Tuned for use in EFI applications where extra air flow signal through the carburetor is not required (feature wider lobe separation without loss of responsiveness)
  • Work well with aftermarket cylinder heads & feature high lift

     Requires either added displacement or high RPM modifications in street/strip applications.

    • Fit: 5.7/6.4L Hemi
    • Lift: .619"/.612" with 1.6 Rockers
    • Advertised Duration: 274°/287°
    • Duration @ .050: 226°/234°
    • Lobe Separation Angle: 116°
    • RPM Range: 2400-7400


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