Circle D 10" HP Series 8HP70 Torque Converter

by Circle D

Product #: 60-07-17

HP Series Multi Disk Torque Converter Torque Converter Diameter - 10" Available in stall speeds from 3500-4000 rpm

The HP series 10" 8HP70 converter is based on the factory core with some adjustments for stall speed and power handling capabilty. Great choice for a street car or truck up to around 1000whp. Its features include:

  • CDS Exclusive Billet Stator
  • Furnace Brazed Pump/Turbine
  • Hand TIG Welded Pump/Turbine
  • Torrington Style Bearings
  • Power Pack Upgraded Lockup Clutches

    Note: Circle D converters are built-to-order; expect a build time of 1-2 weeks before shipping.

    The heavier the vehicle with 3.21 or 3.55 gearing will flash higher. Lighter vehicle with 3.92 gearing will flash closer to advertised.

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